River Bank Maternity Session

Meet my friend Kara. She is pregnant with her second baby and due in mid-July. We started brainstorming the wardrobe and styling on this about a month ago. My friend Alexa helped out with makeup and was my Aflector (Alexa-light-reflector-holder). I scoped out this spot while out in the Gold Bar area for work when I was doing home health speech therapy. This spot was a little more shady (not referring to light here) than I would like to admit, but we used the buddy system, and next time we will be bringing a husband (or two :) just kidding, but not really). I'm telling you though, the location and lighting are everything here! 

I really believe pregnancy is so beautiful. I loved being pregnant. Yes, we all have those uncomfortable days where you can't move and you start looking more and more like a penguin when you walk. You feel like you have a bowling ball weighing on your pelvis trying to escape your body, you're nauseous, grumpy at times, exhausted, etc. However; when I look at these photos of Kara, I don't see an ounce of negativity. I just see pure beauty.