Family Photos // First Year Smash Cake

Although they don't have to be, family photos can be a stressful task for some. A lot of parents are worried their kids may not listen, smile, act appropriately, or even act like they enjoy family time together.

I'm not sure why any parent thinks this because I know that my children ALWAYS behave perfectly and follow every direction I give (yeah, right!). Of course there are ways to minimize this type of stress in family photos, which is part of my job. However, sometimes there are variables you just can't control.

We planned to do this first year smash cake session about a month before the photos took place. We decided on a location in Woodinville, WA. Wine country!  First, the weather prevented us from our scheduled date. Then, on the day of the re-scheduled photos, this family went to leave their house to meet me for photos, and TA DA....their car didn't start. They quickly jumped the car, and headed to the location.

After unloading, they realized they had forgotten the smash cake at home. This really wasn't a huge deal since we could get photos of the baby by herself and knock out some mommy and me photos.

After dad came back with the cake, we were able to capture some family shots together. This family was lovely in that they helped me maneuver different props around.

As we were getting ready to move things around for the cake smashing part, dad lifted a chair (which had the smash cake on the chair cushion) and BOOM...the cake fell upside down.

Luckily for us, we still had one side of the cake that was presentable for the photos. Sadly, after the photo session, their car wouldn't start once again due to a battery issue.

BUT, the huge BUT here...this family maintained the best attitude and composure in the midst of these hiccups. One could choose to have a sour attitude after the sequence of events that unfolded, but they kept such a great attitude.

I didn't see an ounce of tension between the family, which made for great photos!

You can tell when reactions are not genuine. As a parent, I was VERY impressed with the attitude they chose to have. 

Oh, and YES, she ate the cake! And savored every.last.bite.