First impressions are everything. Whether we want to admit it or not, first impressions, branding, and appearance are all big parts of our culture. 

I'll be honest, if I'm going to hire someone to help me with my business for say...personal branding...and their website and/or headshot looks outdated, I will most likely skip over and go on looking for someone or something new. That might sound superficial, but don't you want someone that looks current or trending so that you have more trust in their abilities? This may be different if you know the person personally, but if you are growing your business and want to be found online, then in most cases your client's first impression of you is your picture or website.

You have to stay current in order to sell yourself as current. 

I LOVE photographing headshots. It's a perfect session for me because it's truly a portrait session, but broken down a little differently. 

Let me explain a little bit about how my headshot sessions work.

After a phone call to discuss your business, how you want to be represented, and your ideal client, we get into styling. I help my clients personally choose outfits that work with their brand and how they want to be represented to their specific audience. 

This is not your average headshot session. 

Not only do we work through two or more outfits (depending on your session fee), I also use a variety of options for your backdrop because not all outfits work with a specific colored backdrop.

I personally create and paint each of my backdrops.

I run you through several guided poses so you never are left wondering what to do.

Forget about the "arms crossed" pose. Those are a thing of the past and typically you want a photo that is inviting and not a pose that deters your audience. 

After our session, I send over several images for you to choose your favorite two digital images. 

Take a look a few from a recent session I had with this gentleman.